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, martin and walsh each pled guilty to three counts of fraud and tax evasion. >> agents sees countless pieces of furniture, sports memorabilia and other toys belonging to martin and walsh. but they're worth just a fraction of the $16 million they owe, more than 1,00 investors. at the same time, she and her husband are hit with another unexpected blow. >> woe had three sources of income. i did charge a fee and that was extremely lucrative, as well. and then the third, we both had full time jobs with a company that declared bankruptcy themselves. and our pensions were reduced about 90%. so we were wiped out. >> she and her husband declare bankruptcy and lose their dream home in foreclosure. >> my husband put 16 years of his life into this. and we lost it. >> ultimately, judy blames martin and walsh's insatiable greed for ruining hundreds of lives. >> i viewed jack and charles as two clowns, two idiots that didn't know how good they had it. and they were too greedy to just let it ride as the business that it was. >> coming up next, a miami money manager commits the ultimate betrayal. >> y
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1